What is Blacklisted IP?

Blacklistedip is a service that keeps track of your IP addresses and notifies you when your IP is on a blacklist or blocklist. We track any black listing issues for you and can help in getting you delisted.

We provide the following:
Real Time Screening of your IP to see if you are BlackListed
E-mail notification of your listing and delisting
Live chat support
Help in getting you delisted and removed from the spam and email Black List
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Black-List Monitor

All the major ISPs — Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast and others — block emails coming from blacklists. Your business suffers, when you cannot communicate with your customers. To ensure that your email marketing efforts do not suffer, it is important to monitor your IP addresses on a regular basis to check if you’re on the blacklist.

Our Blacklisted IP checker searches all the major blacklists to see if you are listed. We inform you when your IPs are listed are on a blacklist, where they are listed, and how to get them delisted from the black list. The Blacklist Checker will keep you well-informed through real-time email notification and live chat support. Blacklistedip is a critical website service to ensure that your legitimate emails are delivered. Sign–up today to ensure your best email deliverability.

IP Black Hole lists are large repositories of IP addresses that indulge in spamming. Email Blacklists contain known e-mail servers and addresses, mostly used by spammers. The Domain Name Server (DNS) Black list is a list of IP addresses that are the source of unsolicited emails. If the domain relay is turned on and is used for sending mails by others, then it is listed in a domain blacklist. IP Blacklist blocks specific IP addresses (and IP ranges), message senders or message recipients (local mailboxes) as specified in a Blacklist.

At BlacklistedIP, we can help you off the Blacklist in the future. This may mean using reliable email practices like double opt-in, creating good content and using a simple and accurate send path. According to a recent study, as many as 17% of emails from legitimate companies are erroneously blocked as spam and put on the IP Blacklist by an email provider. But there are many simple practices to help you avoid this. The team at BlacklistedIP can help you find out why an ISP is blocking email.

What’s your E-mail Deliverability rate?
One of the biggest reasons for poor email deliverability is that your IP is blacklisted by various spam databases. Blacklisted IP can help you get off the spam and IP BlackList

Are you on any Blacklists?
If you are a legitimate marketer, we’ll make sure your ISP or email service provider is not blacklisted. With our service, we will automatically monitor your email server IPs for you, in real time.

more informations: http://www.blacklistedip.com

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